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First steps of company Fe2iron started in 2002 in a small local area for processing decorative iron with three employees who began producing different decorative iron. Over the years the demand growth and customers Fe2iron expand the palette production of doors and balconies to tables beds of iron, today company Fe2iron provides yet: Doors, Furniture, fences, balconies, stairs, roofs to terrace roofs and various accessories by iron.Fe2iron products  today are  also present in the region and beyond.


Fe2iron will be an important solution to market products from iron and beyond. We will provide the tools necessary for our employees and sales team to consistently deliver services and commercial message to its partners and our mutual customers.


Our mission is to create value to our customers through reliability, flexibility, integrity and speed. We want every experience with Fe2iron be warm, no worries, comfortable, respectful and confident.
Our employees and our communities are vital to our success. We will support both with investment and the resources necessary for them to prosper.

Fe2 Iron deals with processing of iron and production of Doors, Furniture, fences, balconies, stairs, terrace roofs and different accessories from iron.


Reçic e vogel, 1200, Tetovo, Macedonia
00389 70 866 932